What Is My Flickr ID

Posted Friday, July 04, 2008 11:50:51 AM
What's My Flickr ID?If you've ever wanted to use various Flickr API tools you'll know that you need to know your Flickr ID. This isn't your username, but rather a unique ID generated by Flickr. Finding it can sometimes be tricky, so I developed this tool that will take a Flickr username or email address and give you the Flickr ID associated with that account.

Flickr Username or Email Address

Or, if you don't know your username or your email address, you can look up your user id (and username) by entering your Flickr URL.

Flickr URL

Update History:
February 23, 2009 - Added support for Flickr URL lookups
January 30, 2009 - Added support for account lookups by email address
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There are 139 comments on this article
gagandeep bhalla (2 years ago)
hello sir how r u.
"71718151@N05" is my fliker id and i forget all detail about like yahoo login and password. this is my second id on fliker .
Grzesiek79 (2 years ago)
Why my account have many problem. For egzample: No added photo from google chrome and IE. No added beer, just only place. I have a premium acc
michael T sedwick (2 years ago)
OMG! Thank You So Very Much!
This allowed me to Locate My Original account which has hundreds of Original images loaded to & I no longer have on my computer due to HD Crashes....

Now to Gain Ownership back!

Thanks Again Very Very Much!
Len Gill (2 years ago)
Should have said I can't remember my original log in details password etc.
Len Gill (2 years ago)
Please can someone help me? I think I have inadvertently deleted my original Flickr account from 2009 with over 1.00 images uploaded. I would like to retrieve it if possible.
Len Gill (2 years ago)
Okay, I have tried to get into my original Flickr account without success. I joined in 2009 Know have over 1,000 pics in my acvount, but Unable access it
Vincent (2 years ago)
My login for yahoo does not bring me to my Flickr account anymore and I don't know what is wrong. When I put my url in it says does not appear to be valid URL. Please help :( https://www.flickr.com/photos/vincentvittorio/
Miguel (3 years ago)
Thank you so much for helping me figure this out for my dad! He does this art work and I'm trying to help him find his link so that he can share it to potential customers. You rock!
john roos (3 years ago)
Trying to find my old profile
BRIT (3 years ago)
https://www.flickr.com/photos/barbiieepiink/ I CANT AND DONT REMEMBER LOG IN
Zeynep merve uyar (3 years ago)
I forgot my password and email address. Please help meeee :(
Jason Selburg (3 years ago)
I'm trying to get info so I can delete an old account. your tool says my url is not valid. can you help?

Rob Santana (3 years ago)
I seem to be having trouble logging on to my Flickr account on my laptop. On my phone I have no problem, but on my laptop my email address is not valid.
Joanne Jones (3 years ago)
I know my flickr name is joannejones12, but had to reset my Yahoo p/w and now I cannot access flickr at all.
Rakesh (3 years ago)
fliker id
Lance Long (3 years ago)
Flicker id
Renato (3 years ago)
Thanks Thanks thanks from RĂ©union Island!! that helped me a lot!!
daniel (3 years ago)
!???? ??? ??????

Thanks a lot from Israel!
Len Gill (4 years ago)
I joined Flickr in 2009 but I somehow have lost my original ID and password. Is there any way I can retrieve them? Regards Len Gill
Ed (4 years ago)
Thanks, man!!
stoneaccents (4 years ago)
Thank you SO, SO much, i was having a heck of a time finding my ID, Kisses!!
leonard (4 years ago)
Thank You.I needed to link my website to my fllckr account and you've really helped me. Thanks again. It was really helpful.
nazanin (4 years ago)
Yujuan Song (4 years ago)
grace olsson (5 years ago)
my number is it 27797085@N06 but i dont know the number i inform on my blog....my username is graceolsson
tony (5 years ago)
This is mine, but I can' find the flickr ID. When I enter I get an error.


devalles (5 years ago)
hey Adam,

my flickr page is:

user name:
molurus devalles

but i am unable to find my email address.

please help
devalles (5 years ago)
hey Adam,

my flickr page is:

user name:
molurus devalles

but i am unable to find my email address.

please help
devalles (5 years ago)
hey Adam,

my flickr page is:

user name:
molurus devalles

but i am unable to find my email address.

please help
Relyn (5 years ago)
You are my hero. Thanks! I have no idea why Flickr makes it so difficult!
mehrstore (5 years ago)
Hi Adam Lewis
Great thanks
this is fix and work completely
Again and again thanks
Best Regards :
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)

Thanks for letting me know! I believe I've fixed it now!

Flickr is now requiring secure connections, so I've fixed that in my code.

Let me know if it works now!
raha (5 years ago)
Hi there
thanks for this usefull stuff but this is my fliker email :
and this is my username end of the my photostream link
but you're stuff can't find my flicker id
please help me why ?
Toni (5 years ago)
Thanks very much works perfectly, was having no luck finding this anywhere else.
natasha (5 years ago)
amazing!!! thank you!
Darrel Hedger (5 years ago)
hope this works
syed (5 years ago)
Thank you. I have got the solution. again thanks
Jeanne (5 years ago)
Thank you very much. I just couldn't find it on flickr.
nwaynwayoo (5 years ago)
Thanks a lot
Dharana49 (6 years ago)
For ID
mr mira (6 years ago)
adam rocks
s m mizanur rahman (6 years ago)
very nice
Juno (6 years ago)
Kind thanks Adam!!!
Carlos Lorenzo (6 years ago)
This has been of great help. Thanks!
Adam W. Lewis (6 years ago)

Unfortunately, Flickr does not allow any way to look up an email address on an account. This is because people could look up other's email and spam them or otherwise harass them. Hope that makes sense.

Good luck getting into your account!
oneil (6 years ago)
I have a website with yahoo and I noticed the name of my website is also used as a flickr user name but I don't remember creating that account and I tried ever email address I have and I still cant access the account. I know that it is my account because all the pictures I used on my website are also used in that flickr account. how do I go about finding the email address associated with is account to claim it
David (6 years ago)
Thank you. This page was a great help for me setting up a stream on my WP blog. I don't know why Flickr seems to hide this ID.
risa (6 years ago)
I tried using the Flickr Id I got from this site and it still would not work. Your info designated a Flickr ID and also a URL. When I used the URL it said it did not exist when I tried to apply it. Both pieces of info did not work
Sarah (6 years ago)
thanks so much. could you help me figure out how to get the URL to my photostream? I tried the URL that I got from above without adding anything, that did not work. then I tried adding Id and then separately user name. Does not link to my pix. Grateful for any advice
Julie (6 years ago)
Thanks Adam! Awesome tool!
David (6 years ago)
Many thanks - works perfectly.
Katie (6 years ago)
Your a GENIUS!!!!!! I've been looking on their site for this info for over an hour. Thank you!
jill (6 years ago)
Adam...ur awesome!!! thank you
Rebecca Totilo (6 years ago)
Oh my gosh! You saved me from pulling out my hair. All the other fancy programs didn't work, but yours did.
Johan (6 years ago)
Thanks, Adam.. great help...
Erik (6 years ago)
Adam...you rock!! Thanks, I thought I was going mad trying to get my API working.
santosh sharma (6 years ago)
Fred MacKenzie (6 years ago)
Cristina (6 years ago)
Thank you very much. It helped a lot.
koushik (7 years ago)
Great site to get flicker id
jawad (7 years ago)
Great! it solved my problem.
tania (7 years ago)
Thank you so much. IDgettr wasn't working.
Khalil (7 years ago)
I have seen my photo's are uploaded in Flickr, I have the Flickr Username and Flickr ID from the above option. I want to remove the photos, how get the email id (Flick account)? Please advice.
John (7 years ago)
Nice thank you,works a charm, will preg replace not work for funny +^$&%^& sets :)
Warren Z (7 years ago)
I can't believe flickr makes this so difficult to find. You need to sell this to them.
daddylam (7 years ago)
I have used it to find my ID. Thank you!
Syed Aqeel Abbas (7 years ago)
david (7 years ago)
Muchas gracias Adam

From Barcelona
Great and easy
Thank you
Elizabeth (7 years ago)
Great! That was so easy. Thank you. :-)
Borge (7 years ago)
Great help. Bookmarked your site.
Thank you
Helena (7 years ago)
You're right, finding the Flickr ID is tricky, but thanks to you it was easy! You rock!!
giube (7 years ago)
Vielen Dank!
julie (7 years ago)
wow and double wow this is great thank you so much Flickr URL: http://www.flickr.com/people/shabbyshades/
sangkaw (7 years ago)
i need my flickrID
Beblie (7 years ago)
very useful tool - thank you
Pradeep (7 years ago)
Sui (7 years ago)
Thanks. You really helped me out with this. Much appreciated.
latha (7 years ago)
hi adam,
Thanx a lot. I always find it difficult to find my flickr url & you have helped me get it.
Paolo (7 years ago)
murugesan (7 years ago)
thank you
stanley shoebuckle (7 years ago)
woo hoo
Kenneth (7 years ago)
flickr rocks
jo (7 years ago)
Wow that is so very helpful - thanks very much!
Miriam (7 years ago)
I cannot tell you how happy I am, I had e-mailed Flickr because I couldn't find my adress 2 WEEKS ago and they still haven't responded..
So I am forever grateful for this tool, thank you so much :D
Victoria (7 years ago)
This is great! Thank you!
frank M Hansen (7 years ago)
Thank you very much.
Salman (7 years ago)
Much thanks!
Peter terezakis (7 years ago)
Adam, you are the MAN!!!

Best wishes for 2012!
thanks (8 years ago)
Thank you; that was super helpful!! :)
kaka (8 years ago)
absoultly fantastic
Mazhar sherin (8 years ago)
please reset my password
Kyle (8 years ago)
So how do you go the other direction: NSID to Username? Just curious if it's possible.
Adam Lewis (8 years ago)
Thanks for the comment, glad the tool helped you!

You like the captcha? I've been thinking about going with something more standard and not so corny. Can't decide...
skoobie (8 years ago)
Hey, this was really helpful - you earned yourself some major happy karma :) :) BTW, your capcha's cool to!
Mabel Amber (8 years ago)
Hi there Adem, thanks a bunch for taking the trouble of proving me wrong! It works just fine but filling in the wrong things won't make anything work will it....
sarah (8 years ago)
thank you Adam
your post helped me a lot
Adam Lewis (8 years ago)
Email me your Flick URL and I'll investigate for you :)
Mabel Amber (8 years ago)
Well sorry, but neither my username, nor my emailaddress nor my Flickr URL yields my NSID. I keep getting this message "xxx does not appear to be a valid xxx" So something doesn't figure somewhere.
aezjnn (8 years ago)
Thanks for the great tool!!
Kelly (8 years ago)
Thanks for helping with the FlicrID... Honestly, I would have never figured that out.
SEL (8 years ago)
This doesn't work for usernames with strange characters. For example, yu+ichiro is a real user that your code above unfortunately doesn't work on. I came across this problem when trying to write a crawler. Instead, the flickr app garden suggests substituting the "+" for %2b yet I don't know which characters are invalid :/ Have any idea which don't work?
Justin (8 years ago)
aww it doesn't work... :(
Adam Lewis (8 years ago)
I'm not sure what you mean by you can't get a flickr id? Do you have a Yahoo account?
Luis Nieto Gome (8 years ago)
No soy capaz de obtener un flickr Id
jean (8 years ago)
thanks for the help
Ian Wilcox (8 years ago)
Awesome tool thanks so much!
Tara (8 years ago)
Awesome, so glad I found this page! Thank you!
Tom (8 years ago)
Thanks. Very helpful!
rashedul hasan (8 years ago)
really helpful! thanks a lot!
Chandler Christian Church (8 years ago)
Thanks so much!! You are a great blessing!!
Frank Filler (8 years ago)
Hi Adam
Thank you for the helping hand. I agree find an API ID is a hassel most of time. You are a blessing to most of us.
Judith (8 years ago)
Thank you!!! I was seriously looking for my Flickr ID on Flickr for 45 minutes. Thank you for your post. :)
sergio CANEDO (9 years ago)
Thanks a lot dude... I am trying to just remember and ti get my url back... I hope your information will continue helping me
Nick Savioli (9 years ago)
Turner (9 years ago)
Thanks, dude
Steven Jenkins (9 years ago)
Thanks for making this. It still floors me that flickr doesn't make this information readily available on the account page. Would it kill them to simply add it? No...of course not....guess you can't expect much else from Yahoo...the perpetual "D student" of the old school dotcoms...
Amaya Williams (9 years ago)
Thanks--this was so easy and fast. I tried using a site called Flickgettr and it didn't work--your site did the trick.
Ken Slamon (9 years ago)
I though I had a flickr account.I appears I haven't
rhythm (9 years ago)
Luke (9 years ago)
How do you do this?
Ty (9 years ago)
Thank you so much!!!
jenni (9 years ago)
diallo (9 years ago)
akha gallery
Matt (9 years ago)
juan luis (9 years ago)
este sitio es perfecto felicidades
Sus (9 years ago)
thank you, it was a big help
hero (9 years ago)
Deigo (9 years ago)
Fotos teste para site
Tom (9 years ago)
Thanks! I had forgotten that I had a flickr account on a previous, old email.
BANDI (10 years ago)
Jeffrey W Hotson (10 years ago)
asia_b (10 years ago)
thanks for this tool. It's amazing how hard it is to find it. Nice work.
steve (10 years ago)
AHH! Thanks for finding a Flickr ID finder that actually works.
monger (10 years ago)
anisul islam (10 years ago)
this is a very nice useful tool to get right things in right time. thanks..
sanson (10 years ago)
Thanks for this useful tool! Can I do the other way? I need to know the email belongs to my old flickr account.

Eric (10 years ago)
Thanks! That helps...
Adam Lewis (10 years ago)
Hey Eric, I hope I've answered your question in this new article I just wrote: Flickr Email, URL, and NSID: Explained
Eric (10 years ago)
If someone has a username of.. say abc.. Why isn't their flickr url www.flickr.com/people/abc? how does the Flickr URL get set? Was that just an option to pick your url when you joined?