Version 3: What Is My Flickr Id

Posted Monday, February 23, 2009 9:59:40 AM
I wrote "What Is My Flickr ID" in July of 2008. Then, in January I updated it so that people could also search by their username. But, alas, some people don't know their Flickr Username, or their email address on file. So, I have once again updated the tool; now you can search by username, email, or by your actual Flickr URL ( Hopefully this latest rendition will allow all Flickr Members to find their ID easily.

Find the tool here:

As usual, if you have any problems with the tool, just post a comment and I will address it.
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calvin dixon (10 years ago)
what is the phone number for flickr
ricks_kayla (15 years ago)
i need help idk wat my id is???!!!!???!!!!???!!!