Fixed: BlackBerry Storm Backlight

Posted Tuesday, April 14, 2009 9:42:30 AM
Note: This is a follow-up article. Original article is BlackBerry Storm Backlight Dims Then Lights Up

Okay, I feel like an idiot now. I just rebooted the phone and that fixed the problem. I used SoftReset to reboot it, but I assume a battery pull would have fixed it as well.

Sometimes the simplest solution is the right one. Now I'm aggravated I didn't try this days ago when the phone started acting crazy.
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There are 7 comments on this article
Will Smart (13 years ago)

I've been having the exactly same issue, dims then lights up etc... Very annoying!! A battery pull has sorted it, thanks very very much!!

Adam Lewis (15 years ago)
Glad it helped you! Sometimes we (at least me!) forget the simplest solutions: reboot. :-)
Alicia (15 years ago)
Thanks! I was having the same problem after I downloaded new software yesterday, I thought that might have had something to do with it but I just took battery out and that seems to have worked!
Adam Lewis (15 years ago)
I thought so too, however, when viewing the applications that were running there were none (outside of the norm). It is definitely a glitch in the software.
Oleg (15 years ago)
The reason the back light turns on is because you have an app running. For example you can get this issue with youtube app and navigation app. This is why removing battery will fix the problem since it will reset all apps.
Adam Lewis (15 years ago)
Did it work? I hope so, it fixed mine (after I spent hours trying to find the solution!)
Joey Altherr (15 years ago)
mine keeps doing this too, so i just pulled my batter out. we'll see if that works