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Posted Wednesday, July 9, 2008 11:15:12 AM
Blackberry Pearl Review alt=I own a Blackberry Pearl and for the most part I love it. But one thing has recently got me all upset. Now... I realize this is minor, it is just very very irritating. When using SureType entry mode for the last 6 months anytime I would type the keys [OP][GH], it would give me a suggested word of 'OH'. This is the word I wanted, life was good. My other two-letter word choices were 'PH' and 'PG', which I don't believe I have ever used seeing as I don't talk about chemical levels and I don't discuss movie ratings very often.

Well, for some reason, over the last week, my Pearl has decide that 'PH' is the better choice for the [OP][GH] entry, thus forcing me to scroll down and select 'OH' every time. This is driving me insane and making me sound like an idiot through text. "Ph, I didn't know that."

So, I thought, somehow 'PH' must have gotten stored in my custom dictionary and therefore the phone thinks it's more important now than 'OH'. A quick check showed that this was not this case, in fact, 'OH' was in my custom dictionary, not 'PH'!! I decided to clear my entire custom dictionary just in case. Still no luck.

As a last ditch effort I made a new AutoText entry to replace 'PH' with 'OH'. This has done the trick, but I just hope I never need to talk about chemical balances now because using 'PH' is going to be quite a pain.
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