The Future of Internet Radio

Posted Saturday, July 5, 2008 1:51:39 PM
Pandora Internet RadioPandora internet radio is one of the best kept secrets on the internet. Not many people know of it or the true power it brings to music lovers. Unlike traditional online music services, Pandora doesn't use "genres" to categorize its music but rather tags.

You choose a song or artist you like and Pandora compares the tags of the item you've selected with those of everything else in its database and plays you music it thinks you might like. As you listen you can give songs a thumbs-up or a thumbs-down, which will affect future listening experiences. The more you listen and rate songs, the more Pandora learns what you like.

Another amazing thing about Pandora is it is 100% free, with no advertising in the music (only on the website). I highly recommend checking it out at:
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Eric (13 years ago)
btw, the iphone also has an 'AOL Radio' application that streams online radio stations to the phone.. I really haven't tested it much on the Edge network.. probably works well on the 3G. works well on wifi.
Adam (13 years ago)
I know!! I'm just waiting for them to make one for my Blackberry. :-D
Eric (13 years ago)
Pandora also has a free app for the iPhone.. It is really sweet....