Snowy Day In Middletown, Ohio

Posted Wednesday, January 28, 2009 11:40:57 AM
Today I awoke to find most of the world around me covered in ice and snow. I went out to warm up my truck and found it sealed up tighter than Fort Knox, it took me 5 minutes to pry my way into the passenger side door! I started the car and turned the defrosters on high, then when back inside to finish getting ready for work. After over 30 minutes of warm up time I returned to my vehicle to find that it was in virtually the same condition I had left it. I scraped, well, more like chiseled, ice off of it for 20 minutes and finally got it "drivable".

The roads on the way were horrible and traffic was virtually nil. At a major intersection here in town where I would normally expect to see 30-40 cars at 7:45 in the morning, there were only 7. The weather reports say another 2-4 inches of snow throughout the day, so... I may add more pictures if I take any good ones. For all pictures of the snow today, visit my Flickr set.

Ice Off My Truck WindshieldIce Off My Truck WindshieldIMG_3474IMG_3475IMG_3473IMG_3476IMG_3477
IMG00043-20090128-1107IMG00044-20090128-1108UPS Truck Stuck in SnowUPS Truck Stuck in SnowUPS Truck Stuck in SnowIMG_3495IMG_3496
Large Icicles on GuttersLarge Icicles on GuttersLarge Icicles on Gutters    

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