How To Earn A 20% Tip

Posted Wednesday, January 7, 2009 4:46:56 PM
Monday night my family and I went to O' Charley's for dinner. While this restaurant has always been high in my books, Monday night took the cake in terms of service. It was probably the best night of service I have ever received at a restaurant.

Our waiter was efficient and always on the ball. He took our orders either by memory or recorder, but either way, he took it quickly and when we got our order, it was 100% correct.

When we got our soup and rolls, the waiter also brought out a small cup of orange slices for my daughter. This was unprompted and clearly just a sign of the good service to come.

Throughout the meal, as we would get low on drinks, like a super hero, our waiter would fly in and replace our diminishing glass with a new one full of our favorite beverage.

Towards the end of the meal, this un-masked marvel of a man appeared with two take-out boxes, one for my wife and one for my mom, because he saw they weren't going to be able to finish their meals and he anticipated our needs. Later he returned with another take-out container for my wife's soup that she had left.

So, while the food was good, not the best I've ever had, but good, the service was absolutely wonderful, and earned every dime of a 20% tip. I will definitely request him in my future trips to O' Charley's.
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