Hilarious Video of Seattle Man Addressing City Council

Posted Friday, April 10, 2009 8:22:52 AM
My brother found this video on YouTube and shared it with me. It is VERY stupid, but still hilarious and worth wasting 4 minutes of your life watching. Enjoy!

Speaker: Um, number 133 is James Inman. Thanks.
James Inman: I was in the protest, I didn't get arrested but a year before the entire protest I was arrested for saying: The F Word. And, I will not use that word in front of the council, I'm sorry. I will substitute the word 'forget' for the word, 'the F word'. Okay? So, I was trying to go to the bathroom and... the bathroom door was locked and... I said "Forget it!" And uh, this lady said uh, "Excuse me?" and I said, "Uh, I need to go to the bathroom" she says, "Your language." I go, "You've never heard the word, 'forget'? Uhhhh, how about forget you, you mother-forgetter!? You ever heard that word before?"

And then I ran across the street to find another bathroom and she called the police! And this cop came up to me and said "Let me see your license" and I said "What for? You gonna arrest me for saying the word, 'forget'?" and he said, "Put your hands behind your back!" and I got arrested for saying the word, 'FORGET'! So this, is my open letter to Mark Sidran:

You dysfunctional retarded mentally ill derelict. Demon scum antichrist spewing worthless constipated balls of dung from your funken-wagnall education. You're a liquid emitting fart. You evil bastard. You're a clear cutting, cigar smoking depraved lunatic with a machine replacement head. Pull your self up by your own bootstraps and please hack off your own feet and eat them. You profit seeking circus act. Your idiot gibberish fuels the distopia nightmares cooked up daily from the industrial laboratories of death. The giant echo of no, trickling down from overpaid, overfed lackeys. The Gucci overlords and conservatives have always been black-hearted demons. And all WTO representatives are their mutated half human retarded step-children. You're incontenent pond scum! You spineless vegetable head of dead lettuce with the mental capacity of a swatch battery, the cognitive skills of a pigeon, and the intelligent quotient of a dirt clod. A blood clot for a brain and a softened skull you can poke your finger in like a stick of hot butter! Those little rodent eyes, like two shiny black bb's that never blink, gazing away into the empty space. And a third eye on the side of the skull, dripping eye snot. Combing your hair over so as not to scare children. A dead, third eye, just above the right ear like a milky black protruding mole. You black magician and puppet master! Trained by Alister Crowly and raised by feral goats; turning Seattle into Nazi clan outposts with David Duke's twin alcoholic brother at the controls.

Your entire philosophy if a bunk corporate hand-job, and all your heroes are evil. Ayn Rand is a walking brain hemorrhage. Rush Limbaugh is a whimpering dehumanized thug. Ronald Reagan is a deceased midget steep in chocolate Slimfast.

To sum up my worthless friends, Mark Sidran is a plastic toad. A horrible scab infected abortion. A demonic fascist. A pathetic worm with dogmatic sermons for an industrial cesspool. A space heater filled with human waste and cat hair! A fan of John Tesh. A corporate shill. A floating green turd in the punchbowl of life, and may bright yellow vitamin fortified piss flow onto the door handle of his holy automobile!!
Speaker: Thank you.
Crowd: [Cheers]
Speaker: Uh, James. Your uh, your remarks will be part of the record of the hearing. Uh.

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