Happy New Years & New Board Game

Posted Thursday, January 1, 2009 11:40:38 AM
In an effort to keep to my New Year's Resolution, here is my first post for 2009.... yay.

Yesterday we bought a new board game to add to our collection (which I plan on publishing here soon) called Q90. The concept of the game is simple, one team member draws a card, then the other team members have to ask questions to guess what the "thing" on the card is. They can ask any question, and as many questions, as they like. The trick is they only have 90 seconds to guess the "thing", and the person with the card can only say Yes, No, Maybe, Don't Know, Not Sure, and Kind of.

The game is extremely fun, but, also very challenging. For example, here is one that me and my mother got. (I can't remember all of the questions and answers, but this is close enough for an example)

I drew the card with the category "Objects"

Mom: Is in a house?
Me: Yes
Mom: Is it in the bedroom?
Me: No
Mom: Is it in the living room?
Me: No
Mom: Kitchen?
Me: Yes.
Mom: Is it an appliance?
Me: No
Mom: Do you use it for cooking?
Me: Kind of
(Long pause for thinking)
Mom: Is it a type of food?
Me: No
Mom: Is it a utensil?
Me: No
Mom: Is it a tool?
Me: No
Mom: Is it a rag?
Me: Kind of
Mom: Is it dish towel?
Me: Kind of
(Long pause again... 10 seconds left...)
Mom: Is it made of cloth?
Me: YES!
Mom: Is it a pot holder?
Me: No!
(At the last second....)
Mom: Is it an apron?
Me: YES!

As you can see, it is challenging because you start with virtually anything in the entire world and have to narrow it down within 90 seconds. After playing it a few times we've gotten a little better and know certain questions that can help eliminate huge chunks of answers, but still, I'd say we only get 50% or less correct.
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