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Posted Friday, July 25, 2008 12:04:14 PM
I wrote an article some time ago about how to Hyperlink to Messenger Applications but at the time I couldn't find how to hyperlink to Google Talk. Thanks to Jaspreet, that mystery has been solved. Below is an updated list of how to link to messenger (instant messenger) applications.

AOL Instant Messenger: aim:goaim?screenname=#screenname#

Google Talk: gtalk:chat?jid=#google email# or gtalk:call?jid=#google email#

MSN/Windows Live IM: msnim:chat?contact=#screenname#

Skype: skype:#screenname#?call or skype:#screenname#?chat

Yahoo! Instant Messanger: ymsgr:sendim?#screenname#
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RobertsIt (Just posted)
Bobbytreno (2 years ago)

Lewiscew (2 years ago)

tim (10 years ago)
The links above don't work, Adam. Are you perchance joining more than one link together in one line? You suggest to contact you on Google Talk with a link on the right but there are three links on the right under 'contact me' and they appear to be email addresses. Perhaps there is value in what you posted but it's confusing.
Net Teknik (10 years ago)
deneme yazisi
Chis (10 years ago)
This is obviously a 4.5 year old thread, but is there any way to create a link that opens up a conversation on a Gmail page, instead of on the messenger client?
Mohammad Raihan Mazumder (12 years ago)
Gtalk doesn't work. May I know why its not work??


I tried both way. Still its not working.
Ryan (12 years ago)
I have been trying this. It does not appear to work. Any thoughts?
c460053 (14 years ago)
Hey there, I know I'm posting late, but fell across this post looking for a iChat specific link. Here's a link to what I eventually found:

Might be handy too.
Adam Lewis (14 years ago)

Thanks for the comment and question. If you'd like, email me your entire code to and I'd be glad to take a look for you. I'm confident the code works IF YOU HAVE Google Talk installed on your computer. You can verify this by clicking the link on the right hand side of my website until .contactMe and next to .google.
faraz (14 years ago)
i m trying google talk hyperlink but its not working properly infact opening a new blank page.
Louis (15 years ago)
I run Google Talk through iChat and I use Firefox 3. I made a link to my Google Talk s/n from my blog according to your prescriptions, but when I click on it I get this message from FireFox: "Firefox doesn't know how to open this address, because the protocol (gtalk) isn't associated with any program."
Adam (15 years ago)
Thanks for the comments Jaspreet. There are lots of commands you can pass to the applications for various things like: join a group, add to contacts, etc. This article just focused on the chatting aspect, but I'll likely write another article later on about the other commands available.
Jaspreet (15 years ago)
<a href="msnim:add? ">Click to add me to your contact list!</a>

this is very intersting method to make someone add to his contact list even without his knowledge
Jaspreet (15 years ago)
i have also qeustioned adam that is there way for online messanger too waiting for reply. And 1 more thing i dont know if you aready knew it or not i found your blog on first page of google via keywords "gtalk hyperlink im"
Jaspreet (15 years ago)
thanks for puttin in the solution