Economy Woes Head to Wendy's

Posted Wednesday, October 22, 2008 4:32:54 PM
Wendy's 99 cent nuggets - NOT Anyone who knows me at all knows my favorite food is of course.... CHICKEN. I love it in pretty much are shapes and forms. In a pinch for lunch, I often find myself driving through Wendy's getting a 5 piece nugget and small fry (though their fries suck now that they switched their cooking oil....). Recently I noticed, hey, those tasty breaded meat balls aren't 99 cents any longer!! They are now a $1.19!! That's a 20% increase!! Clearly the economy is in bad shape when Wendy's raises their nuggets by 20%. :-( I am officially sad.
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Eric S. (13 years ago)
Do you like Cajun Chicken? Mmmm.. But I feel your sadness...