Duke Energy Gets A Thumbs Down

Posted Sunday, September 21, 2008 9:39:50 PM
Power went off at my office building at 1:00 PM September 14, 2008. It is now 9:40 PM September 21, 2008 and the power remains off. All power in the area has been restored, but because of two blown fuses we are still in the dark. We've been told by private electricians, and Duke Energy themselves that the fix is a small one, taking a single man only 15-20 minutes.

Why are we still in the dark?? Why us and our 12 tenants been unable to work for a week? Because in Duke Energy's eyes the $7,000 a month we spend to power a medical billing company, an adult care health service, a credit assistance agency, and numerous other companies, is just not enough to give us 20 minutes. We have logged nearly 30 calls ourselves to Duke, and our tenants have called an untold amount of times.

Why Duke?? Why??
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