Custom Playings Cards Just Got a Little Better

Posted Friday, September 12, 2008 4:59:32 PM
Bicycle Playing Card Custom CardsWhen shopping online for gift ideas you will undoubtedly find 100's of websites selling custom playing cards. Anyplace that prints photos usually has a Playing Card gift option like: Walgreens, CVS, Walmart, snapfish, and shutterfly, just to name a few!

What they don't tell you, and what you must know, is that these cards are made of cheap cardboard, and would be lucky to last through one game of Rummy. They are very weak, and the print quality is horrible. I truely have never been so disappointed in a product.

So, whats the solution for those of us who want custom cards but don't want to throw out our money? The US Playing Card Company is now producing custom cards and they are plastic coated, good quality cards that will stand up to some real play. Not to mention, they are as cheap, if not cheaper, than the piece of junk ones you get everywhere else!

I have just ordered a set of Bicycle Personalized Playing Cards from US Playing Cards, and as soon as they're in I will write a follow-up blog with photos of the junky cardboard ones and the nice plastic ones.
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