Car Troubles!!

Posted Monday, September 29, 2008 1:36:21 AM
On Friday at 3 my wife called me at work to tell me she was at the store, and that her car would not start. I left work and went to her, taking a jump box because she told me it would "barely turn over." After listening to it she was correct, it did sound like it was trying to start but just couldn't. I tried the jump box and still nothing. Figuring it was the starter I had AAA tow it to my mechanic. He called me and told me that it was definitely the starter, so off to Smyth Automotive I went.

He had the starter installed that night so Saturday I went and picked up the car. It started great and drove fine. I drove it all around Saturday running errands and never had a problem. Sunday came and the family and I went to church and lunch in the car, still perfect. Afterwards we headed to Dayton with my mother. On the way their however... the car died.

Thinking I must have been stupid and let it run out of gas (it was low....) I walked to the closest gas station, bought a container and 1 gallon of gas. I walked back, put it in the car, and viola! It started fine. I drove another mile and we did some shopping. A mile on the road home, however, the car died again, right in the middle of the road! It started back up fine, but would shut off in 10-30 seconds. I drove to an empty parking lot where it died again.

It was here I discovered that if the RPMs reached 4000 the car would shake and the engine would run no faster, and it wouldn't go into a higher gear. After several failed attempts to get the car going I did manage to get it running and not stopping every 10 seconds. I got it on the interstate, and while I did stay in the slow lane, it didn't stop once the entire ride home. Even back in town stopping at lights, it was fine.

Needless to say, it is over at the mechanics again. We shall see what is wrong with it this time. Grrr. It's just always something.
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