Blogger Find & Replace

Posted Friday, July 20, 2012 10:07:04 AM
This tool will search all posts made on a blogger blog for a specific string and replace it with another string.

*WARNING: There is NO WAY to undo this once you've performed it.* Be sure you are 100% positive you want to do this before proceeding.

To start, you'll need to authorize this tool to access your Blogger blogs.

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There are 189 comments on this article
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Richardapomo (2 months ago)
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Kikozl (5 months ago)
Could you release the source code in the github? this site is the unique source of this tool and if this site downs again we can't use the tool anymore.
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Patriks K (1 year ago)
Thank you so much for the tool, saved me a lot of time
agoessti ayue (1 year ago)
i love so much this tool, thank you so much
but i want to know why this tool not work to replace question mark?

thanks in advance your reply
Marcos (1 year ago)
Error 429, when i'll able to use this tool again? after non response of the site i has refreshing the page many times but no i can't use the tool anymore.
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Donna (1 year ago)
Adam is absolutely amazing! This Find and Replace tool worked perfectly for me. The one catch was I needed to search with a "regular expression" and not with the "plain text string" I was using. Once that was resolved I was able to "Find and Replace" 1500+ posts on my site.

It does not seem to work on posts in draft, so you will have to make those changes manually before they are published or come back and Find and Replace after they are published.

I used the "Show All Post Details" so I could see what was going on and I am glad I did. During the process I received a few "unable to save" errors, so I ran the Find and Replace Tool over and over until every post was completed and I received all "Nothing Found" messages.

Thank you so much for this Adam! This tool literally saved me a ton of hours.
Ronald (1 year ago)
hi it was working fine but now its not responding
Ronald (1 year ago)
I am trying to Authorized this tool but it does not respond .... i loved it very much to use this app of yours really helpful but why is it not responding ... is it google stopped it or what pls let me know...
Ronald (1 year ago)
I am trying to Authorized this tool but it does not respond .... i loved it very much to use this app of yours really helpful but why is it not responding ... is it google stopped it or what pls let me know...
Satirtha B (1 year ago)
This tool is a life saver. I loved this tool. Simple, working and specially free. The creator of this tool is a god developer.
Mirai Kuriyama (1 year ago)
does it only affect blog content? because I tried to succeed for blog content, but not for the blog title.
Mirai Kuriyama (1 year ago)
does it only affect blog content? because I tried to succeed for blog content, but not for the blog title.
Marcos (1 year ago)
The tool have a strange bug, if any post have full CAPS LOCK, the replace will fail.

but after discover the bug i can replace without problem
Dana Hiatt (2 years ago)
Is there a way to bulk edit a word in post title on blogger?
Dana Hiatt (2 years ago)
Is there a way to bulk edit a word in post title on blogger?
shay (2 years ago)
The tool is great but it stopes after a few replacement with error: Failed to save so I have to run it many many many times in order to complete the task.
Do you know why I am getting these errors?
id would be better if instead of stopping on error it will continue to the next post.
If the tool is written in python I can help you debug it

contact me
tadjeddine (2 years ago)
thank you bro work 100%
aryan singh (2 years ago)
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Thank you
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shay biber (2 years ago)
This suddenllty stoped working. I get:
Authorization Error
Error 400: invalid_request
Invalid parameter value for approval_prompt: 'auto' is not valid
Muaad (2 years ago)
This tool requiters Google Chrome to work. Won't work with Firefox.
Muaad (2 years ago)
The tool doesn't seem to work. I'm using the latest Firefox on Windows 10.
test (3 years ago)
AngeloV. (4 years ago)
It will be useful a checkbox for search only. It's possible to use the same string in search and in replace field but is a bit dangerous. Internal blogger search just works for the first 1000 articles :-( . This only search checkbox will be also useful as a preview of changes will be made ....
Ingo Siewert (4 years ago)
worked like a charm
edward reed (4 years ago)
Nice post. it is very useful post.
Antti (4 years ago)
Wonderful tool! My custom domain expired and I replaced all the links to point back to my original blogger address. You made my day and saved a dozen
Darko (4 years ago)
could anyone explain how to use this tool. I can see where to put word and how to replace it in blogger. Thanks
Dhamma Sattamo (4 years ago)
Brilliant! you save my time.
It can even replace html code in text editor.
Maria (4 years ago)
HI Adam ,

I am trying to find a way for replacing most of the the URL's on 10 years worth of blog post created in Blogger. I clicked the Transfer me button above an authorized use to my gmail account (which I have since deactivated because I wasn't sure if I was doing this correctly). Was redirected back here. Added an old url and the replacement as specified. Had Test selected... wanted to test it first.... and starting search ... appeared in the window (waited 10 mins) and nothing else. Thanks for the help. I really am hoping this will help me with my changing my internal blog URL's? These are URL's within separate blog posts.
Adam Lewis (4 years ago)

That's odd, can you email me a little more detail about what you're attempting and I'll see what I can figure out?
Maria (4 years ago)
HI Adam, I attempted a test and it looks like it is stuck starting a search ... What am I missing or doing wrong? Thanks
HIROKO (4 years ago)
Thanks a lot, Adam. It really helped me. Sorry I tried to make a donation but PayPal system doesn't accept a donation from Japan.
Catherine Todd (4 years ago)
Wow! My missing French accents added in a moment.
Adam Lewis (4 years ago)

Certainly, just type in the text for   to be replaced with a normal space ( ) and you should be good to go!
Gianluca (4 years ago)
Hi, this sounds promising. I'd like to replace all the non-breaking spaces ( ) with normal spaces in my posts, do you think your tool can help? I never wanted those NBSP and they were just added randomly. Thanks!
oussama (4 years ago)
je veux remplacer des nom par des autre nim
Adam Lewis (4 years ago)
What seems to be the problem Hery? All seems well on this end.
Hery (4 years ago)
Hey Mr. Adam, this tool looks like it can not be used anymore
Adam Lewis (4 years ago)

Thanks for the donation and I'm glad the tool worked well for you! It's had to believe I made this tool nearly 6 years ago and Blogger still hasn't come up with one of their own!
Noel Hodson (4 years ago)
I changed my blog name. 472 Posts with 5 to 10 internal links were broken. Adam's tool has fixed them all, with the new name. Saved me months of work. Thanks.
laptoprental (4 years ago)
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Adam Lewis (4 years ago)
Great John! Glad it helped you out!
John B (4 years ago)
Thanks man, this was an awesome tool to update a bunch of Amazon links.
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)

Are you getting an error? It seems to be working fine. Over 40 people have used it today. Let me know, thanks!
Philip (5 years ago)
Unfortunately the tool does not seem available now
Orphen (5 years ago)
is there a tool that can be used for pages ? it seems like this tool only works with posts
Alexander (5 years ago)
I will try that in the morning.
Thanks for the help Adam!
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)
Sorry I can't provide a more detailed explanation of this, but I'm mobile right now and trying to do this for my phone. The easiest thing for you to do would be to just put a backslash in front of anything that's not a letter or a number. That is of course Overkill an unnecessary but should get the job done.
Alexander (5 years ago)
Ah... that may be the problem. This is all completely new to me.

For example:

Im putting Find

And Replace

Can you explain escaping a bit more? I read the comments down below but still don't fully get it... :S
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)

Without knowing exactly what you're putting into the tool I can't say what the problem is for certain. However, it sounds like you're not escaping your characters. / should be written as \/ etc
Alexander (5 years ago)
I can't seem to get this to work? :/

Trying to transfer stuff from my photobucket url's to my new host URL located at

The new direct URL would be


While the old URL would be


I must be missing something, because despite my best efforts nothing is found each time I scan.
Brenda (5 years ago)
Thank you-- That was fabulous
DeLpH (5 years ago)
My pictures are not showing again
Tina (5 years ago)
Thank you so much. You saved my time!!!
vielsha (5 years ago)
Aanna W. Knight (5 years ago)
OMG I love it!!!
Aanna W. Knight (5 years ago)
OMG I love it!!!
D (5 years ago)
With the Photobucket changes, I also had to change my signature on all my posts. This saved me hours of work! Thank you!
D (5 years ago)
With the Photobucket changes, I also had to change my signature on all my posts. This saved me hours of work! Thank you!
Linus (5 years ago)
Saved me hours of work!
maria (5 years ago)
thank you !! iT worked as miracle!
Mel (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for creating this tool! Just switched out Photobucket links in 500 posts. You need to be charging $$$$ for this!
Mel (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for creating this tool! Just switched out Photobucket links in 500 posts. You need to be charging $$$$ for this!
david G (5 years ago)
Adam - Very cool app! I couldn't get it to work for the title link or enclosure links on our blog. Any suggestions?
david G (5 years ago)
Adam - Very cool app! I couldn't get it to work for the title link or enclosure links on our blog. Any suggestions?
Laurence (5 years ago)
This tool works really well! The only problem I've noticed is that it seems to replace the <!-- more --> with <a name='more'></a>, which breaks my read more functionality. Any idea why this may be?
Laurence (5 years ago)
This tool works really well! The only problem I've noticed is that it seems to replace the <!-- more --> with <a name='more'></a>, which breaks my read more functionality. Any idea why this may be?
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)
Thank you so much for the donation! Much appreciated!
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)
I just took a look at your blog and it appears all of the links are changed to https, did you get it to work for you?
Leslie (5 years ago)
We have and recently moved our main website over to https, we are wanting to change any old links from http over to point to the https version.

I tried it this morning doing a find/replace with just the domain name, hoping it would do this, but it said no links found.

blog has being going for 10 years, so there will be lots of old links pointing to fatbuddhastore.
Adam Lewis (5 years ago)

Can you be more specific? If you want to change all links from to then just do that find and replace. The rest of the URL will remain untouched.
Leslie (5 years ago)
If you want to change all links from http to https from a particular site without listing all the links individually is there a quick fix ?
Marine Loves Polish (5 years ago)
Hi! With the new Photobucket update, I had to change my blog signature on 700+ posts and you just saved my life! Thank you so much :)
1KIND Photography (5 years ago)
With Photobucket not letting those who paid for a plan to hotlink, I had to transfer all my images to a new web host. But the most tedious and scariest part was renaming the links to the new host and wiping Photobucket links completely. I have over 1000 posts that needs to be updated and doing it manually was going to be a huge undertaking. I Googled "find & replace" thinking I can just open each post and do it but even this was a chore. Installing extensions didn't work either until I found this awesome site! It swapped out partial links directed to Photobucket and replaced it with my new host. This saved me hours if not days! Thank you very much!

I'll be using this again if I ever need to change out links in batches.
erin (5 years ago)
Worked like a charm and saved me months worth of time! Thank you, thank you! I've donated and will be sharing this with others!
ploni (5 years ago)
amazing! thank you!my blog kept on inserting "sent from my mobile" whenever I published through sms. this helped me remove all that. I wonder if there is a way to stop it from doing that in the first place... I certainly owe you a thanks and donation
Anand (5 years ago)
OMG you're the most amazing dude ever!!!
Gerard (5 years ago)
Thanks for the kind site.

Would the tool find and replace symbols?

I created a long document in MS-Word with pointers (-->) that I replaced with a graphic arrow from Windings, using the "Clipboard Contents" option. But when I copied the document into Blogger, all the arrows appeared as a "c," crossed with a diagonal.
Eric (6 years ago)
Downloaded a backup using Blogger's method and replaced close to 5000 obsolete internal URLs. Blogger then would not accept the upload of its own 108 MB backup of the 7 year old blog!

Luckily I found this tool. I had to restart it a couple of times and it always restarts from the most recent point making the process more and more time consuming. Still I gotta love the tool since it managed to finally update a voluminous non-commercial blog in less than 2 hours after discovering that Blogger's own backup system is utter crap (and in any case would appear to double the posts if the download/re-upload would have succeded).

Twenty bucks coming your way as a small token of my appreciation. You're service is worth more, but I don't earn any money from my blog.
Rio (6 years ago)
it's work, thank you so much
francis (6 years ago)
Never said wrong changes were made but that the report stated that in three blogs changes were not made yet they were!

And it seems your reply is indicative of one who is error proof!

Elimination of the blogger page break is enough to say, Sorry i used your utility!
Adam Lewis (6 years ago)

Sorry you had trouble with the tool. Hundreds of people use this thing each day, so I'm unsure exactly what happened. I can assure you that if it reported no changes were made then none were. But as for making the wrong changes my only thought would be that whatever search you used did not represent what you wanted it to as a regular expression.

If you want more help feel free to email me details about what you are looking to do and I'll see what I can do for you.
francis (6 years ago)
And seems the blogger database is no longer working for searches made prior to the update are no longer generating data!
francis (6 years ago)
Sadly it messed up the formatting in the posts i have checked, eliminating the google <---------------------------------------------------------> page break in most all posts! i can but hope that is the only problem.

Seems the replacements were all valid except for three or so where you stated no change was made, yet was.
Randal (6 years ago)
Does this still work? I need to change and to all have rel="nofollow" tags after them. It just says starting search and nothing after that.
Adam Lewis (6 years ago)
Thank you for the donation Guy, glad it helped you out!
Frank (6 years ago)
It works!!! Dankeschn (thank you very much) from Germany!
Guy Wood (6 years ago)
Just donated 5 bucks Adam. Bloggers font handling sucks and you've just done me a huge favour!
Samsara (6 years ago)
Thank you so darned much for making this!!
Olivier (7 years ago)
Fantastic tool. I have 6000+ posts in which I have to perform to do an HTML search/replace every year. Your tool is a life-saver.

One minor issue, it seems to fail after about 300 replacements. Not a major issue as I can just re-run the search, but I wondered if this was a Blogger limitation ?
Frank (7 years ago)
Kind of scary to use your tool but damn if it doesn't do what it is supposed to. I've had to do mass find/replace twice and used your tool both times. Thanks. Donation is well deserved and on its way.
Shodan (7 years ago)
Good tool but now it doesnt work
lily (7 years ago)
Does this still work? I am facing a redirect loop and it always takes me to this page
lily (7 years ago)
Does this still work? I am facing a redirect loop and it always takes me to this page
kjhkk (7 years ago)
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David Thomson (7 years ago)
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David Thomson (7 years ago)
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Arsh (8 years ago)
This is what called a SOFTWARE ENGINEER
Oscar (8 years ago)
@Lori 'Failed to Save' is because the post is published by another Admin (email)... Try to change to another email account.
abbb (8 years ago)
Lori (8 years ago)
Is there a reason it replaces so many and then the rest "Failed to Save"? This is an amazing tool, thank you! Hope the failing to save remedies soon.
Rucio (8 years ago)
Don't escape anything in the replace string, though!
Rucio (8 years ago)
Seems html code can be found by escaping the open and close angles with a backslash. Is there a limit to the length of the string?
Rucio (8 years ago)
This is an amazing tool, but I would like to delete all the Technorati-linked tags that I've always added at the bottom of posts, and this tool doesn't seem to work for that. Presumably, it doesn't find the text because of the hyperlink coding, but then it doesn't seem to find the raw coding either. Any suggestions?
Seth (8 years ago)
Failed to save.. been like this a while now :(
Oscar (8 years ago)
Failed to save too
Mike White (8 years ago)
I also get the "Failed to save" message.
Dayan Perera (8 years ago)
Please find and replace
Karen Cargill (8 years ago)
Jennifer Phillips (8 years ago)
You are AWESOME - what a golden star you are. I just had to make global changes to and your tool SAVED me big time. Best regards. So kind of you THANKS HEAPS!! May all good come to you!
manfai (8 years ago)
Amazing tool you've got!
You really save my time. thx a lot.
Erin A. Thomas (8 years ago)
Wow this is fantastic. I just realized there was a better way to reword a sentence that is used in several dozen posts that now redirect to another location and I was able to fix the entire sentence in each of the 50 or so posts in one shot. Fabulous!
NoName (8 years ago)
Hello Adam Lewis!

Today i would use your great script again, but it does not work.

There is always an error message: Failed to save

What is the problem?
MTW (8 years ago)
Brilliant tool. No fuss, no mess, just does the job.
Cole (8 years ago)
This is a wonderful tool. I only recently realized that I've been spelling a word wrong, and I keep doing it out of habit. I use this tool once a week to fix the mistakes. It's so much quicker than doing it manually. Thank you.
willowsprite (8 years ago)
Thanks for this super handy tool! It seems to go back to a certain point in my blog, then it fails. I wonder why...
Mark Hutcherson (8 years ago)
Adam, thank you so much for this service. I used it last night and after a few tries I got it to work, great. You saved me a bunch of time. Have a nice weekend.
Arul Selva Perarasan (8 years ago)
Splending job Mr. Adam, I have tried this in my tamil blog before hand. But it was not fruitful. Now, today I tried again. It was successful. Thank you for your effort. It was a painstaking job for me. And now I have found this one. Really I am feeling free. Thank you once more.

My blog is a translation project of "The Mahabharatha" in tamil language.
ashif (9 years ago)
find and replace in blogger
Adam W. Lewis (9 years ago)
Send me an email with what you're trying to replace and I'll see if I can help guide you.
Hax (9 years ago)
I can't replace the titles...
Adam Lewis (9 years ago)
I'm glad you got the tool working and it saved you so much time Steve!
SteveTheWargamer (9 years ago)
You're a life saver... 600+ posts to update, and done in less than 10 minutes.... superb!!
Parah (9 years ago)
I like this useful tool. Can I have one? How can I have this tool for my self. Can you teach me step by step how to create tool like this? Or you are selling this script? I will like to buy it.

Peter Payne (9 years ago)
Currently at 8:14 pm on Wednesday California time, the tool is refusing to show anything but "Transfer me to Google so I can authorize this tool" even though it was working before. Does that mean the API is down temporarily?

Also the tool searched 330+ instances of some text in my blog but it mysteriously stopped, with some text yet to change. (I am changing directories.) If the API is working, there's no reason why it would only change some instances but leave others, right, like a max number of records it can search?
toshiya240 (9 years ago)
But it seems to update published datetime...
I think published datetime should be kept.
Nishant Agrawal (9 years ago)
Very Very Helpful tool.
Thanks a ton.
Adam W. Lewis (9 years ago)
This tool looks at the raw post, so it will replace HTML just fine. If you can't get it to work email me and I will help you out.
Nishant Agrawal (9 years ago)
Hi, Thats perfectly working.
But i need to replace some html code from each post instead of normal text. Can you help me please.

My Blog is-
Edwin (9 years ago)
thanks, this app is very helpful
Adam W. Lewis (9 years ago)
Glad to help! :)
Vivian (9 years ago)
You saved my life!!!!
Adam W. Lewis (9 years ago)

I did some thorough testing on Tuesday and found that the Blogger API was down. Try running your find and replace again and it should work just fine. Let me know!
Adam W. Lewis (9 years ago)

Let me experiment and look into this and get back with you. My tools just may need some tweaking to get it to do what you want.
Shaun (9 years ago)
This is not working on my test blog. I'm wondering if that is because I am trying to change the one-word string from Capitalized to ALL CAPS.

How would you recommend I make this change?

More info- The word appears several times in the blogpost, and is being changed for styling purposes. Thanks!
Irene (9 years ago)
Amazing! Fast & Easy! Thank you Adam! :)
Adam W Lewis (9 years ago)
Not sure what you mean "safe." It will do exactly what you tell it to, so be careful using it. But other than that, yes it's safe. I don't record your password or anything when you use it.
Irene (9 years ago)
is this safe?
Graham Jackson (9 years ago)
Once again you have save me literally HOURS of fiddling around. Just awesome to use. Thank you so much again.
Lingeswaran (9 years ago)
Awesome...Works great
Stacy (9 years ago)
This is amazing and saved me a ton of time. Thanks so much for creating and sharing this tool!
Frank Barnard (9 years ago)
Brilliant tool. Only works on published posts--so just do mass publish & then run the tool.
Frank Barnard (9 years ago)
Adam, fantastic utility. Thanks. Does the search work on draft posts (unpublished?) Or just published items?
Valter (9 years ago)
Adam, you're THE MAN! :-D
I changed domain name, and this page saved me one hour at least!
Thank you very much! This is the true Internet spirit of sharing and helping.
prathvi (9 years ago)
extremely useful tool
bhu (9 years ago)
Adam W Lewis (9 years ago)
Glad you liked this tool Meggy!
Meggy Besecke (9 years ago)
BEST Blogger Find AND Replace TOOL! BIG LIKE
Graham Jackson (10 years ago)
Fantastic tool - save me HOURS of work - thanks very much indeed
Howard (10 years ago)
Thanks - worked perfectly!
Adam Lewis (10 years ago)

I'm glad the tool worked well for you! Many times in my life I found a need for it and would always just end up either leaving the posts incorrect or doing it by hand. Finally one day I thought, "This is ridiculous! Just make a tool for this goofy thing."

I'm glad lots of people are finding it helpful.
Larry (10 years ago)
Adam, thanks so much for such a great tool. This is truly the greatest thing since sliced bread. (At least for me today.)

I'm moving my website and had to change the domain in over 150 posts across two blogs.

I was not looking forward to doing it manually. In 10 minutes you had it done.

Adam Lewis (10 years ago)
Hey TJ, glad the tool is working well for you. As for the Kindle Fire Giveaway, that did end last week and we've been dragging our feet launching our next Giveaway :(

By the end of today though we're going to launch the Halloween Nexus 7 Giveaway, so if you come back this evening be sure to register for it!
TJ (10 years ago)
Hey Adam, I used the tool again with success, thank you so much for this awesome free tool. Also FYI I tried to go sign up for the Kindle giveaway found under "My Comapny Giveaways" hoping this might somehow benefit you. However the page says this sweepstakes has now ended.

Thanks again,

Adam Lewis (10 years ago)
Wonderful! I'm glad you were able to get it to work! Let me know if you need any more help
TJ (10 years ago)
Hi Adam,

Just wanted to let you know I got things to work using regular expressions. I just wanted to say THANK YOU! You are the man!

TJ (10 years ago)
Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply. I had not considered the idea of making a test blog to run the tool against until it works, that is what I will try to do.

Thanks again,

Adam Lewis (10 years ago)

Yes, you can use regular expressions and that might be the way to handle this problem. Unfortunately I didn't have any time today to test this out for you. However, another commenter on my blog made a test blog and used it to find the regular expression that worked best for his needs, then ran it on his real blog. If you have time, that's what I'd do. Just make a new blog and copy 3 or 4 posts to it from your real blog then try different things.

As far as your regular expression goes, to match any character you simply need to type a period (.). And to match any character zero or more times you need a asterisk (*). So you could do something like:

<a href="*<\/a>

Notice the closing a tag I've escaped the forward slash.

Hope that helps, if you can't get it working write me and I'll help you on Monday.
Adam Lewis (10 years ago)
Wonderful! I'm glad you were able to make it work for you!
NoName (10 years ago)
OK, i created a test blog and my code works. Only the \1 must be changed to $1.

Thank you for this wonderful tool!
NoName (10 years ago)
Hello Adam!

Thanks for your answer. It is very risky to work with regular expressions... I have prepared the code:

That will do work? My embed code is always the same structure.

Thank you for your help!

Best regards!
TJ (10 years ago)
Hey Adam,

I noticed that you can use regular expressions with your tool. I was wondering if that might be the answer for my issue. Say I tried to match this string instead:
<a href="*.*></a></p>

Would that work? Is there a better way than *.* to match any character between the start and end of the string? This might actually be the best solution for me as the same ad servers are used over and over but the rest of the string can vary.

TJ (10 years ago)
Hi Adam,

If you can make this work you will be like a GOD to me! I have around 400 posts on blogger with these text links in them and now they change the affiliate program, making them all invalid!

Thanks again,

Adam Lewis (10 years ago)
I will do some testing tomorrow morning and get back to you.

I don't mind providing some support, just glad people find the tool useful.
TJ (10 years ago)
Hi Adam,

Thanks for your reply! Here is one string I was trying to find and replace:<p>Brain Games: Improve memory with scientifically designed games. <a href="" target="_blank">Free Trial.</a><img border="0" src="" width="1" height="1"><a href="" target="_blank"><img style="display: inline; float: right" border="0" alt="Brain Games - Lumosity" align="right" src=""></a></p>

I know people should not expect your support for a free tool, so any advice you can provide is great!

Adam Lewis (10 years ago)

Email me the string you're searching for and I'll do some tests for you.

In regards to future access, no I will not still have access. I do not store the authentication token from Google so therefore I cannot still access your blog, however, if I were to keep that authentication token I could still gain access. If you want to make sure that I cannot access it I believe Google has a way to revoke permissions though I'm not sure where.
TJ (10 years ago)
I have a blogspot blog and included some affiliate text links at the bottom of my posts. Now the affiliate program changed it't terms and I need to change many of these ads. I tried to use your tool to find and replace the ads, but it did not seem to work. I am wondering if the strings were too long, or if there is another reason you can think of. Also, one more question. After I am done will you still have access to my blog? Is there a way to change this once I'm done?

Adam Lewis (10 years ago)

Yes, you can use a regular expression. Do NOT encapsulate it in slashes though, as the program will do this automatically. Just type the string literal of the regularly expression
NoName (10 years ago)
Can i use regular expression? I must repleace the old youtube embed code with the new iframe code.
Diane (10 years ago)
You are a star. Thanks so much for this ace tool. I just needed to change my phone number on 50 odd posts, and it did it in less than a couple of minutes, including authorizing it via Google. Thanks!
Adam Lewis (10 years ago)

Thanks for using the tool. I have fixed it so that it will not replace all instances of a match and you won't have to do multiple searches.

Thanks for finding that bug!
James (10 years ago)
Very cool, thanks! But only seems to replace one instance per blog post? I have to run the tool multiple times to make all changes in blog posts with multiple instances of search string.
Nas (10 years ago)
Thank you for sharing this tool for free. I found this tool is very useful for my blogger blog.
joe (10 years ago)
Wow! That was amazing! This would have taken me hours to do by hand! Thanks!