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3/28/2012 Mom's Dolphin Cake
11/4/2011 Dell.com - Be Careful How You Order
10/17/2011 FTD - A Ripoff If I've Ever Seen One
2/25/2011 Elliott Mason Lewis - Coming Soon
4/28/2010 A Visit To Cox Arboretum
2/23/2010 Crate Crash - All Gold
12/31/2009 Lilliann Sees The Cat
12/18/2009 Light Up Middletown 2009 - Balloon Glow
10/12/2009 Lilliann's First Surgery
10/6/2009 A Visit to Schappacher Farms
9/29/2009 Goodbye Pontiac Grand Prix, Hello Ford Five Hundred
9/19/2009 More Professional Photos
9/8/2009 Remodeling The Laundry Room
8/17/2009 2 Months No Posts - Eek
6/8/2009 New Professional Photos
5/27/2009 Jungle Gym - Day 4 - Completion
5/22/2009 Jungle Gym - Day 3
5/21/2009 Jungle Gym - Day 2
5/18/2009 Jungle Gym - Day 1
5/12/2009 New Jungle Gym
5/4/2009 Installing A French Drain
4/26/2009 Our New Patio
4/19/2009 My Daughter Says The Cutest Things
2/14/2009 Rubik's Mirror Block Cube
2/11/2009 I'm Going To Have $800,000 in 90 Days!
2/1/2009 Lilliann Turns Two!!
1/29/2009 An Icicle
1/22/2009 Oh The Hot Water
1/21/2009 I Am Offically Tankless
1/21/2009 Going Tankless: My New Hot Water Heater
10/9/2008 New Rubik's Record (for me anyways!)
10/1/2008 The Car Is Fixed
9/29/2008 Car Troubles!!
9/23/2008 I was in the Wall Street Journal
7/13/2008 I Like It!
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A Visit To Cox Arboretum
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