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I'm 32 years old and have been married to my wife, Tabitha, for 12 years; we have two children whom we spend most of our time with. We currently reside in Middletown, Ohio, a small city of about 50,000 just north of Cincinnati.

I started using a computer around age 5, and began programming around age 10. I became quite fluent in C++ by age 11 and started doing web design about the same time. At age 14 I started working at the local McDonald's down the street from me, and also for the Middletown City School District doing small web projects. My second semester of high school I started taking college level computer courses through the Post Secondary Enrichment Opportunity Program (PSEOP).

Between my freshmen and sophomore years of high school I was hired by Xponex Media, where I have been now for 17 years; I quit my positions at McDonalds and with the school district to work exclusively for Xponex Media. I continued to take college courses instead of high school ones and worked full time as well. When I gradutated high school at the age of 18 I had around 50 credit hours completed in college. I decided to not finish my degree, and instead continued to persue my career.

I am currently the Chief Software Architect at Xponex Media where I am in charge of managing all internal and external projects, as well as the staff that completes them.
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About Me
adam lewis
Adam Lewis
32 years old
Middletown, Ohio
Software Engineer

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Rentourlaptops.com - Engineer
Rentacomputer.com - Engineer
MiddletownUSA.com - Editor
MainStreetMonroe.com - Editor
SMBNow.com - Editor
Tech-Army.org - Administrator
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