WARNING: Sound Clip Contains Explicit Language

On Lewis Black's Rules of Engagement CD, he talks about the stimulus package that the Bush administration passed, but it makes me laugh because it applies just as much if not more so to the stimulus package that Obama just signed. Enjoy, and below is a transcript for those of you would like to read.

"The President, and the Congress, in their infinite wisdom, decided that what would really stimulate the economy is a $350 Billion dollar tax cut; at a time in which: every fuckin' state in the union is broke! We don't have any fuckin' money! So, what the fuck money are you cutting?? What tax money are you cutting?? What the fuck's being cut?? It's not there! IT'S NOT... FUCKING THERE. It doesn't exist. You're not going to stimulate anything if you have nothing to fuckin'... you're just making money up you fuckin' integrals!"