RIM released BlackBerry Storm OS this past Sunday, but I held off upgrading until I heard if there were any major glitches with it. Well today I took the plunge and installed it... and so far, two thumbs up. The OS is much more responsive, and there are several updates that I really enjoy like:

The New Cursor
BlackBerry Storm Cursor Selection I could use the Storm's touch screen pretty good to choose a point on the screen and insert my text cursor there, however, it wasn't perfect. The newest update includes a revised cursor/selection tool that when active lets you scroll the cursor left, right, up, and down just like the "ball" on other BlackBerrys.
The New Copy/Paste
BlackBerry Storm Cursor Selection This is basically just an extension off of the first thing I love, but with the new cursor tool also incorporated into the copy/paste method of the BlackBerry Storm, this function is now even more easy to use and powerful.
The Portrait QWERTY Keyboard
BlackBerry Storm Portrait QWERTY Tool If you didn't notice in the previous two screen shots, this update now includes a QWERTY keyboard in portrait mode for those two don't wish to use the SureType or Multi-Tap keyboards. This was definitely a great addition.