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As an avid technology user I currently own 4 tablet computers: two Motorola Xooms (first edition), a Kindle Fire HD, and a Google Nexus 7. To be fair, one of the Xooms is my wife's and the Nexus 7 is my daughter's but... I always end up fixing/using them so I still call them mine :)

Besides loving technology, I also love games. Unfortunately, I don't get to spend much time on an actual PC or console game; so most of my game playing time is spent on either a tablet or a cellphone. One of my favorite types of games (or sports as some call it) is casino games. I love poker, slots, and roulette. One site I recently found is which has a great app for my tablets and phone.

So which of my tablets is best for playing game? In my opinion it is the Google Nexus 7. The screen is clear and sharp, and the size is just right for gaming. The 10 inch tablets are good for my casino games, but the Xooms are too slow (maybe because they are old?) and the Kindle Fire is pretty locked down with security that real gaming on it is difficult. The Google Nexus 7 has 2 GB of RAM and a Quad-Core Processor that really just make it shine above the rest.

As a side note, I used to have an iPad, and I think it would horrible for games. Apple has that thing just too locked up with proprietary items. Maybe the new iPad Airs are different, but something tells me gaming will still be the same.